Where on earth are other female grapplers…

Here’s a map composed by Slideyfoot, of some of the female grapplers, their blog titles, and where they train. It’s constantly being updated, just comment here and he’ll add you or i’ll email him your information. This wonderful map was compiled in the case you’d like to travel for the chance to train with other experienced females as well as female-friendly places. Everyone’s so friendly, you gotta love it πŸ™‚ .

12 Responses to “Where on earth are other female grapplers…”
  1. jen says:

    Love to see that the community of females grapplers that is growing!!

  2. shakiaharris says:

    me too!! plus i know if i decide to take a road trip i’ll have somewhere “welcoming” to train

  3. slideyfoot says:

    Cool – I’ll subscribe to this post so I can see any comments. πŸ™‚

    Of course, that map isn’t just female grapplers: it’s got me on it, for a start. I can be relatively effeminate, but I’m still a guy (just about). ;p

    I could perhaps change the colour/shape of the placemarkers, to reflect the gender? Although I wouldn’t want to insist that everybody who wants to be on the map tells me their gender, as some might not want to. Though in that case, I could have a third option for ‘gender not disclosed’. Hmm. Something to think about.

  4. Triin says:


    Dallas is not mentioned 😦
    LOTS of ladies grappling each other here and having open mats. Come and check us out. (and yes we blog a little bit about it too) http://www.poweredbyshe.com


  5. slideyfoot says:

    Does that mean you want to be on it, Triin? If you let me know (either here, or email me) which site (poweredbyshe?), name (I assume Triin?) and the academy address, I can stick you on there. Or you could always tell one of the other people with admin access to the map, like Leslie from BJJ Grrl. πŸ™‚

  6. Slidey! I need to be on that map! What up??? πŸ˜‰

  7. slideyfoot says:

    No problem, Julia: just drop me an email at the link I posted earlier with name, your website, club address and club website (and in your case, maybe a CouchSurfing link too?). Assuming I haven’t got you on there already: can’t check maps properly on my phone. πŸ˜‰

  8. Tracy says:

    Yoooooo!!! Add me! Add me! bluebeltforlife.blogspot.com (ok ok so maybe the blog title isn’t as appropriate anymore but it’s not changing!), name = Tracy, Gracie San Diego Competition Team http://www.thegraciesandiego.com/ @ 7976 Engineer Road 92111. Woot!


  9. slideyfoot says:

    Cool – thanks Tracy, added you in. I’ll now go check out your blog: congrats on the new belt!. πŸ™‚

  10. Nicole says:

    Awesome blog, just came across the creonte post. Great read!

    my blog is thegrapplingotter.blogspot.com

    Also if you want to check out a ton of other females grappling blogs, bjjgrrl.blogspot.com has a ton.

    Keep up the great posts!

  11. shakiaharris says:

    i’ll check yours out!! thanks for stopping by!!

  12. Girl in a Gi says:

    May I be added to your list? I am new to Jiu Jitsu and love learning about other women also in it.

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