My thoughts on the NCAA Tourney!

2 jobs, full time school life, Barely time to get my bjj in…i’m grumpy lol

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“Competitors… P…

“Competitors… Pressure comes with the territory. How you handle it determines your performance. No emotion is more detrimental to performance than panic. It is a very human emotion but the best competitors have “mind calming” routines that they can call on in any situation. They develop the ability to go into a relaxed state and … Continue reading

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IBJJF 2014 Pan Ams, Day 1-3

I was very fortunate to have saved up pennies to compete at the IBJJF Pan Ams in Irvine, Ca. Now I’m not Mrs. Moneybags. In order to compete I have to work the events because as of yet I do not have any sponsors (email if interested :) ) to help with travel or registration … Continue reading

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Shasta Harris_flying_Feb'14_72

Review: The $100 Gi!! Combat Corner Eco V3

I’ve previously reviewed the Combat Corner Eco V2 blue gi. To be honest it has been dethroned as my favorite gi.Eco V2 I love you dearly but the Eco V3 is on top. I always like to emphasize that in the past few years I’ve spent/wasted HUNDREDS of dollars on gis. I hate to use … Continue reading

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The one fight that’ll make you a women’s MMA Fan

I’m one of those people that can’t complete assignments unless I have background noise. I’ve tried bjj matches in the background but 3 hours and 100 videos later I get nothing (academically) done. So this past weekend I decided to give the most recent season of the ultimate fighter a go. I’d heard a bunch … Continue reading

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Silver at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials NYC!!!

I’ll make this short and sweet as I’m so late posting it. So I earned 2nd at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in New York, NY (2013). I got into the finals with a bow and arrow choke and lost to Erin Harpe by points. It was a very aggressive and fast paced match. We … Continue reading

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Many sides of BJJ

Last week I met up with a teammate to do some supplemental drilling and sparring and we got onto the subject of the various games at our particular gym.  When I stop to think about it, it just baffles me. While there may be some similarities every single person in our gym plays a drastically … Continue reading

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Wrestling legend Dan Gable on ways to ‘make’ great athletes

While reading Sam Sheridan’s “The Fighter’s Mind,”  I stumbled across a passage where wrestling legend Dan Gable shares his insight on how a coach builds the foundation behind any successful athlete or team. Gable candidly stated that not all athletes have that special “it” factor.  He felt that it was important to surround his athletes with people that were not only … Continue reading

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Review: 134$ Vulkan Ultra Light Gi

I’m doing a quick review of the Vulkan Ultra Light Gi because there are few reviews about the longevity of this product.  I had to retire m Vulkan Ultra LIght Gi after less than a year.  Needless to say I was not pleased about this. I ordered the Yellow, A0 gi, and my primary use … Continue reading

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Equal Pay for Equal Play! BJJ Edition

I say to all tournament organizers with cash prizes, put your money where your mouth is. If you respect us, women, as competitors then prove it and provide cash prizes for both the male and female divisions. Please and thank you. I’m not one of those people who just searches for things to rant online about HOWEVER … Continue reading

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