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Combat Corner Grappling Spats -Review/My fav training item-

Combat Corner Grappling Spats Size: Small Price:$50 & below I’m 5’4, 155lbs, female w/ junk in my trunk. I have a size small and it fits great! I typically wear a medium or size 9 in pants/jeans. I was sent these spats several months ago and I LOVE them. When I received them in the mail I just … Continue reading

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The greatest pain

I don’t want my page to be all super sad, feel free to ignore and scroll past, but I can’t help but mention june 18, 2011. It’s not even about, “I remember what I was doing on that day..that morning..what we planned to do later on.” For me personally what sticks with me everyday is … Continue reading

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Q5 Labs Sample Reviews

This review is different from others that I’ve done in that the product (Q5 Sample pack)  sent doesn’t retail anymore in the way that I received it, however the individual products do exist in different sizes. At one point Q5 labs retailed a sample pack of some of their popular supplements for 10$ to aid … Continue reading

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Nothing to lose…

A couple weeks ago I suffered an injury that kept me out of training for a bit and left me unable to perform a lot of daily tasks. Close to that time I also got into a fender bender that cost me my entire travel fund for worlds. Exactly one week ago I decided that … Continue reading

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Food for thought courtesy of Ayn Rand

I’m not particularly sure how I ended up in this rabbit hole. However I’ve constructed a lengthy list of texts and works by some significant philosophers that have recently piqued my interest. Among them is Ayn Rand, whom I was introduced to her works several years ago. Life experience and my general desire for information … Continue reading

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I was diagnosed with having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the age of 19 (in 2009, I’m now 23ish 🙂 ). It was severe enough to wear I had to buy computer software to complete my college assignments via voice-text as I could not type without extreme discomfort. I can remember being a junior in high … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the NCAA Tourney!

2 jobs, full time school life, Barely time to get my bjj in…i’m grumpy lol

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“Competitors… P…

“Competitors… Pressure comes with the territory. How you handle it determines your performance. No emotion is more detrimental to performance than panic. It is a very human emotion but the best competitors have “mind calming” routines that they can call on in any situation. They develop the ability to go into a relaxed state and … Continue reading

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IBJJF 2014 Pan Ams, Day 1-3

I was very fortunate to have saved up pennies to compete at the IBJJF Pan Ams in Irvine, Ca. Now I’m not Mrs. Moneybags. In order to compete I have to work the events because as of yet I do not have any sponsors (email if interested 🙂 ) to help with travel or registration … Continue reading

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Review: The $100 Gi!! Combat Corner Eco V3

I’ve previously reviewed the Combat Corner Eco V2 blue gi. To be honest it has been dethroned as my favorite gi.Eco V2 I love you dearly but the Eco V3 is on top. I always like to emphasize that in the past few years I’ve spent/wasted HUNDREDS of dollars on gis. I hate to use … Continue reading

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